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Loved reading this Luisa - I could feel every word. It's been one of my most difficult journeys, coming home to me. Realising that my racing thoughts, ideas and desires are all valid in a world that tells you to specialise and be one thing, one true thing - I now say f-that. I have learnt to embrace all of my being, the complexity of me and the value it creates in the world has become my superpower. I now believe it is a gift to be what Athena Caldrone calls 'multi-hyphenate' - more than one thing. It has brought me deep happiness, freedom and has enabled me (like you I suspect) to find a slower pace to my thoughts, even though I have never been busier, my mind has never been clearer, free of judgement. Look forward to delving into your world and words a little more - love Lis x

p.s. listening to your winter inspo soundtrack as I write :)

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Luisa, I’ve just stumbled across your page and how beautifully you write. I chose this article specifically and so much of what you have experienced I identify with in my own life. I could literally share back to almost every point and paragraph. The two things that stood out were the re-introduction of reading non fiction. Last year I got into such a reading slump, I just couldn’t read another non fiction book - my mind felt at capacity. In January I decided to choose a book from bookcase that was specifically 150 pages or less and since then I’ve read 3 books - the spell is broken and when the children are in bed I’m escaping into another world. I’ve also promised myself that if I’m not enjoying a book after 100 pages, to put it down and move on. Life is too short for reading books which don’t move me. (I’ll always have a passion for reading memoirs though).

And the other bit of your writing that stood out “And I’m keeping them just for me, because I have a terrible habit of turning everything I love into ‘work’, into something to be shared, or even into a business. No more.”

That’s where I’m at now. Ideas floating inside my head and enjoying some creative endeavours only for my mind to think of all the ways I can monetise it (hello capitalism).

I remember when I used to journal just for me. Not everything has to be ‘mined’ and then shared. Some things can be just for me.

I’m really looking forward to going through your archive of work and seeing what else I connect with. Thank you so much for what you do because it’s made a random passer-by feel seen - and isn’t that what we all want really.

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Having read this I'm wishing you could be my yoga teacher! Really lovely read. I really relate to the feeling that it always has to be hard, I've been slowly trying to remove that conditioning over time.

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You are a curious explorer and a human. Be proud and keep going! There are very few articles I read to the end ... but I love yours. I also enjoy your playlists. Thank you 😀

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