Salted (adjective): having developed a resistance to disease by surviving it.

Hello. I’m Luisa. Otherwise known for the best part of the last decade as ‘The Yoga PT’. It’s so good to meet you.

Welcome to Salted. Raw, honest, heartfelt conversations, inspired by the coast, to both stir and soothe. A space to complement your creative time, with sea and seasonal poetry, prose and playlists. Cultivated for those of us who feel weathered. For those of us truly ‘salted’ by life.

Dear one,

I’m right here with you.

With you as a writer.

With you as a creative.

With you as we navigate the choppy seas of midlife.

My wish is simply that my words find land with just the right people, at just the right time.

And that their waves of raw honesty, their vulnerability, and their truth speak deeply.

All with a splash of rebellion…

Each heartfelt letter is written from my driftwood cabin yoga studio by the wild sea, here amongst the epic scenery of the South West of the UK. And your belief helps me to keep showing up, as a writer, building a portfolio of creative sea and seasonal inspired non-fiction, poetry, curated playlists and memoir-style essays I can be proud of. Thank you.

Maybe you’ve had a tough time lately. Perhaps you will find a home here. You’re so welcome.

Too overwhelmed, already?

I’m looking out for fellow creatives (yes, you!) and those who feel a little too weathered by life so far. I’ll send you gentle reminders to take care out there. Content will be sporadic and occasional in frequency, but generous in quality. You definitely won’t be inundated, or overwhelmed, by letters from me.

My occasional words will be curated with care and consideration, with thoughts published no more than twice per month (and often even less than that).

About Luisa

I’m a mother, a wife, and a daughter. And I teach and write from my coastal studio, affectionately known as ‘The Yoga Cabin’.

Since 2015 I’ve gathered 500 hours of yoga teacher training and over 1,000 hours of specialist fitness qualifications. I’ve run popular personal training and yoga retreats, bootcamps, classes and worked with hundreds of women one-to-one, both online and in-person. I'm fully insured, a member of CIMSPA, and hold a current first aid certificate. In 2019 I began freelance writing for magazines, particularly those that focus on women’s health and environmental sustainability. And I proudly have a day job with a county-wide sports charity, managing a unique gym supporting individuals referred by their GP who live with long-term health conditions, including cancer, diabetes, pain, mental health difficulties, menopause symptoms and more, to become more physically active.

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Me and Melanie Sykes yoga-ing in our natural environment. Love this photo, even if the statuesque Melanie makes me look a bit dinky!

Now in my 40s, I’ve run multiple creative businesses and have an idea how you may be feeling if your passions have followed a similar multipassionate path. I’ve suffered chronic trauma, hustled too hard, been far too busy, repeatedly overwhelmed, inevitably burnt out, and am now tumbling through the other side to a softer, more honest and easeful way of living.

However my journey is far from easy. And now, I write about this, and speak for you.

With salty wishes,

P.S if you would like to keep me busy in my numerous notebooks (!) and support my writing, my yoga time, teaching time and daydreaming time, you’re welcome to ‘subscribe’, for free. Either way, I’m so grateful you’ve landed here.

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Welcome to Salted. Creative conversations about self-awareness, boundaries and rebellion, for weathered women. Join me in my driftwood cabin studio by the wild sea.


Luisa Skinner

(she/her) Women's health & fitness professional. Mother. Writer. Poet. Coastal dweller. Join me in my driftwood cabin yoga studio by the wild sea